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Concern is the most powerful manufacturer of industrial equipment in China, occupies the territory of two provinces. Securities of the company are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The main machines supplied to the European market are the following: tower cranes, road machines, loaders and tractors with a capacity of up to 600 hp.

Agricultural machines with a capacity of 24 to 80 hp are delivered to Poland.

Tractors Scout
Tractors Zoomlion
Attachment Equipment
Starting: 11'250 zł
Starting: 12'880 zł
Starting: 13'700 zl
RK 504
Starting price: 65'252 zł/net
RK 404
Starting price: 60'632 zł/net
RK 454
Starting price: 62'452 zł/net
RD 254-A
Starting price: 38'767 zł/net
Sweeper Cleaning Brush
Tractor trailer
Rotary mowers
Disc harrow
Front-end loader
Modern technology, regardless of the manufacturer, has made a serious progress in quality control of production (if, of course, we consider tried and true global concerns of international fame, Scout Eurotrade cooperates with such companies), but time passes, and frequent work or high loads result in a failure of mounted equipment! First of all, such situations relate to incorrect handling or to the resource of an individual spare part.

Oftentimes, it is not even an issue of the machine depreciation, it is just necessary to modernize the tool by adding new functions, or force basic parameters. In such cases, experienced farmers go to specialized stores to search for spare parts and necessary elements.

For fifteen years, the Scout Eurotrade International Group has been providing customers with full technical support for agricultural machinery. In our assortment you will find any original spare part of such brands as: Zoomlion, Scout, Lovol, Dong Feng, Prokmar and hundreds of others. Some specialized parts are delivered from our central warehouse in Russia, and the shipment may take up to two weeks.

However, the spare parts for Zoomlion and Scout tractors used in the regular service are in stock.

● Spare parts for gearbox. Shafts, gear-wheels, oil seals, clutch discs and parts of the differential lock replaced during scheduled maintenance can prolong the transmission life and avoid costly unplanned repairs of the gearbox and drive elements.

● Engine spare parts. The most loaded tractor component should always be kept in working condition. Nozzles, cylinder heads, gaskets, radiators and dozens of other parts - you can easily find everything in our warehouse.

● Regular maintenance consumables. When providing on-site and stationary service, Scout Eurotrade Company is always equipped with a range of oils, filters, interlocks, shoes and heating plugs for most types of agricultural equipment.

We are responsible to every customer and wholesale dealer who has purchased our equipment. We appreciate the credibility of satisfied consumers who recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Your unit from our series of products needs maintenance, or you want to make an individual order of the necessary spare parts - leave a request on our website and get effective assistance within 24 hours!
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© 2018 Scout Trade
Ul. Nowowiejska 4; 83-330 Borkowo
+48 798-361-861
© 2018 Scout Trade
Ul. Nowowiejska 4; 83-330 Borkowo
+48 798-361-861
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