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Scout T-18

Price: 12'880 zł
Zoomlion RK-504 tractor is a reliable vehicle with a wide range of tasks. The manufacturer is Zoomlion Heavy Industry, the largest engineering concern in China. This tractor has passed all the necessary EU regulations on quality and safety testing; Hungary, Lithuania and Germany are European importers.

This machine is capable of performing utility and construction works, beyond the capacity of ordinary agricultural tractors thanks to a high tractor weight of more than 2.4 tons.
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Main advantages
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Additional equipment
● Three sets of headlights - dipped beam / high beam / dimensions + flashing light
● Connectable front axle - swinging, portal type (with onboard gearboxes)
● Front and rear weights as standard - 144 kg (8 units, each of 18 kg) + 360 kg (2 disks, each of 180 kg)
● Power steering with independent hydraulic circuit (pump and tank)
● Four-cylinder aspirated engine A498BT with glow plugs per cylinder
● Compressor with deactivation function
● Brake system with double-circuit pneumatic amplification and receiver with air pressure up to 8 atmospheres
● Oil air filter with high air intake
● Battery 100 A/h
● Alternator 1000 W
● Mechanical reverse gearbox 12 + 12
● Two-stage clutch
● Flat floor with suspended pedals
● Two fuel tanks with a total capacity of 77 liters (44l + 33l)
● Six-bearing fixed soundproof and heat insulating airproof cabin on shock absorbers with safety cage (when overturning). Panoramic type side and rear glass
● Cabin heating and ventilation system with filter
● Stereo system with USB port and speakers
● Comfortable seat with adjustable weight and height of the passenger
● Separate transmission and hydraulic system oil tanks
● Two pairs with hydraulic outlets and quick-disconnect connectors
● Hinged equipment of the second category 880 kg with shock-absorber

  • Country of origin China
  • Country of assembly Russia
  • Overall dimensions, mm: Length 2590 | width 1350 | steering wheel height 1200 | silencer height 1800
  • Ground clearance, mm: 320
  • Construction weight, without attachments, kg: 670
  • Cabin with heating: No
  • Rear wheel size: 9,50" - 16"
  • Front wheel size: 5,00" - 12"
  • Track, mm: 1100 - 1450
  • PTO type and speed: PTO spur gear 1st gear 580 rpm 2nd gear 980 rpm 3rd gear 1450 rpm R gear 435 rpm
  • Engine drive: A pair of constant tension B3150 V-belts
  • Transmission type: Mechanical
  • Number of gears: (3 forward + 1 back) x 2
  • Differential lock: Back axle epicyclic gearing lock
  • Wheel formula: 2WD rear wheel drive
  • Power Steering:No
  • Weighting in the basic configuration: No
  • Rear attachment type: Single point attachment system | 190 kg loading capacity
  • Brake system type: Two-way brake dry type (drum mechanical)
  • Clutch type: Two-disc single-stage,dry, with permanent grip, friction type
  • Hydraulic distributor: Two-way distributor with floating position
  • Number of additional hydraulic outlets: Hydraulic outlets are provided with a number of distributor lines
  • Light system: High and low beam | turning | parking lights | stop signal
  • Sound signal: Klaxon
  • Dashboard: Voltage meter | coolant temperature sensor | oil pressure sensor | hour meter
  • Minimum turning radius, cm: 210
  • Hitch for trailer: Mechanical hitch
  • Compressor availability: No

Diesel engine ZS1100-T

  • Engine type Horizontal arrangement diesel four-stroke engine
  • Maximum power, hp: 17,65 hp / 12,98 kw
  • Engine capacity, cc: 998
  • Revolutions, rpm: 2000 - 2200
  • Number of cylinders 1 Piston stroke mm 115
  • Cylinder diameter 110
  • Cooling system: Water cooling
  • Engine lubrication: Gear pump with spray lubrication system
  • Engine starting: Manual starter (Z shaped handle) + electric starter
  • Power shaft type: Flywheel pulley
  • Engine weight, kg: 183
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 910 * 760 * 440
  • Fuel tank volume, l: 9
  • Nominal power, hp: 15,4 hp / 11,33 kw
  • Cabin with air conditioning
  • Seat Grammer
  • 280 / 70R20-380 / 85R24 radial tires
Front-end loader
Rotary mower
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